The story of our handmade soap factory.

At the beginning of this journey, we were two people, Louise… and me. All this excitement started with a crazy desire to create. From these little and simple wishes invading our thoughts, first discreetly, it burst into our conversations and then, our dreams. I had spent 3 years raising my children and I needed to transform some material, to do something useful while respecting my values.

Once my intention set, I went looking for a sign to understand what was waiting for me. Life being generous, it allowed me to wander in my walks along the soap market stalls, matching more or less my ideal. What I thought was possible on a personal level was set in front of me on a professional matter. The seed was planted and then grew. From this moment on, I had to train myself, learn, try, fail, try again and go through a series of trials and errors for many months… until I found something that was right. Although still nervous, this felt real. I just had to persevere. I think we don’t really imagine all the difficulties that come in such a small word…

To develop my business, I decided to go with a cooperative. This way of conducting business matched my desire to share and discover different individualities. Indeed, one of my partners was there for me in the difficult moments, supporting me when I was discouraged. The soaps travelled a lot with me to local markets first, and then around France to organic trade shows. The product line expanded : from 8 soaps at the beginning, we sell today 18 different fragrances for cosmetics, ointments and oils. We even started to plant flowers that we use in the steeping process.

This step spread over 4 years until it became obvious that we can go further beyond in the development, which required a change in our business status. The dreamed SAS Louise émoi was born with its associates : the indestructible partner Louise and the always creative Matthieu.

Hoping this dream will bring you pleasure…

An ethical commitment

Our cold process soaps are made in accordance with the most rigorous standards for cosmetics and organic farming (label Nature et Progrès). We create our products without any palm oil and work with the local farmers as often as possible. We make our own plant macerations and develop our mix of essential oils.

To deepen our expectations, we grow our own plants (italian strawflower, calendula…). The dyes are completely natural (honey, pine syrup, calendula flowers, mineral oxides…) and chosen above all for their properties. We work with the process of cold saponification in order to preserve the full virtues of the plants and to give the soap all its nourishing, hydrating and softening properties. An ideal 9% creaminess in each soap provide hydration, softness and well-being to the entire epidermis. Olive, coconut, shea and rapeseed oils are used to create a noble and successful base. The sweet oil selected for superfatting is chosen and varies according to the desired properties.

Our mentions & labels

A recognized training

This label is delivered by the ADNS (Association des Nouveaux Savonniers) which gathers a lot of the cold process soap makers.

The label Nature et Progrès, the most demanding mention

Our entire product line is under the mention Nature et Progrès. This is the most demanding mention is the world of organic labels. Which means that 100% of our vegetable ingredients need to be from organic farming (the other label Ecocert only requires 50% minimum).

Laureat Slow cosmétique

This mention is not a label, it is a reward delivered by the volunteers of the Slow Cosmétique Association, to brands which commit to a more organic and less deceptive beauty. The Slow Cosmétique Association is based on simple principles, easy to understand : knowledge, common sense and ethics.

No palm oil

For the respect of our values, we chose to work without palm oil or any other raw material in high demand. We do not desire to take part in the disastrous ecological and social consequences following the massive deforestation for business purposes.

Selection of products labelised Cosmos

This certification guarantees the presence of at least 95% organic plants and the absence of petrochemical ingredients. COSMOS standards are demanding in terms of eco-responsibility and container recycling.

Louise émoi team

Véronique Schiavon

Founder of Louise émoi

Louise Charles Alfred


Matthieu Delbo


And also…

Yvonnick, Guilou, Alexandre, …

Ethical values at the root of our organic care


Our products are unique, designed by us from the mixing of vegetable and essential oils which inspire us, the steeping of wonderful plants and the colors which transport us. With varying levels of success, we try to create the ideal fragrances with sometimes delighted surprise in the accuracy of a perfume or scepticism for the tricky humor of essential oils.


We know that oils, balms, creams are truly an extension of what makes us. As often as possible, we work with local producer with whom we share our views and commitment. Therefore, the honey, beeswax, sunflower, camelia, hempseed, olive oil, pine tree syrup, milks,,, are all bought directly from the source of production.


Nos matières premières sont choisies pour leurs qualités de production. Dès que cela s’avère possible nous travaillons avec des petits producteurs dont nous partageons la vision et l’engagement. Ainsi le miel, la cire d’abeille, les huile de tournesol, de cameline, de chanvre, d’olive, le sirop de sapin, les laits… sont achetés à directement à la source de production.


We have witnessed that beautiful and deep feelings could bring astonishing results. We do our best to implement it in our daily work with all the energy we can commit to it. No matter the actions, our intentions are essential. We apply this philosophy to the manufacturing of our products.

Ecological and Affordable

Our approach is under Nature et Progrès, with our entire vegetablel products, milks, beeswax, pine syrup from organic farming. Our products are entirely biodegradable. We deliver our products only through small networks (maximum one intermediary) for our product line to remain available for all.


Our desire is to make our way of working and the composition of our products easy to understand and facilitate the access to information about the raw materials we use.

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