Immortelle balm


Mature skin

The highly concentrated immortelle macerate in apricot oil nourishes the skin and protects it against the appearance of wrinkles. The decongesting and vasodilatory properties of immortelle helps reduce the appearance of bruises, broken capillaries, varicose veins and rosacea.

Key ingredients:  Helichrysum macerate in Apricot Kernel oil, Bee wax.

100% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.

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The Immortelle balm

The advantages of The Immortelle balm

Italian helicrysum flowers (immortelle) macerated in organic apricot kernel oil gives Immortelle Balm its wonderful qualities. With the most precious ingredients and a characteristic eponymous scent close to fragrant curry spices, The Immortelle is a delicious balm with countless properties.

Louise émoi’s opinion on The Immortelle balm

This balm can be used for anti-aging care both day and night – apply just a little as needed. Due to the many virtues of Immortelle and how fluid and pure it is, the balm should be used gently and sparingly.

A highly concentrated Italian helicrysum treatment, prepared with love and care

Immortelle – in the form of a precious oil – is already widely recognised for its anti-aging effects. This balm is a pure gem that will delight mature and/or dry skin. Louise émoi puts a lot of love into the making of this treatment. Each summer the immortelle flowers are picked by hand and carefully sorted, before they are macerated in organic apricot oil.
Its melting texture, captivating fragrance and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients (without preservatives) makes The Immortelle a customer favourite.
We have written a guide on caring for mature skin. If you wish to consult it click here.


Immortelle Macerate with Apricot Kernel Oil and Beeswax.

98.91% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

We have chosen to work without palm oil or other high demand raw materials in accordance with our values. We do not want to be part of the catastrophic ecological and social consequences of massive deforestation which serves commercial interests.

Composition INCI

Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil*, Cera Alba*, Helichrysum Italicum Flower Extract*, Tocopherol*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*

*Ingredients from organic farming

Other information

A balm, unlike a cream, does not contain water. Therefore, there is no need for preservatives, emulsifiers or buffering substances, which are often harmful to the skin. For a better conservation of our balms, we have just added a tocopherol for vitamin E so that the oils do not go rancid over time. The DLU is given for 12 months after opening. A balm has a greasier, thicker consistency than a cream which will have a creamier, more supple structure. A balm is used in applications, local massages, frictions for a specific use according to its composition. The Immortelle Balm is a face care intended for mature skin, its use can be declined according to the needs of each one thanks to the many properties of Immortelle. We have chosen to work without palm oil.