Cold Soap with Charcoal – “Détox émoi”



Charcoal has absorbent properties that soak up toxins, even those stored deep within the skin. A recipe for squeaky clean skin and a radiant complexion.

Our soaps are made with Love in an artisanal way: their shape and color may differ slightly from the visual.


Key ingredients: Castor Oil, Coal

100% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.

drop8% SURGRAS weight100 GR pao

Know more about our Cold Soap with Charcoal – “Détox émoi”

Benefits of the organic cold processed soap with Charcoal « Détox émoi »

Give your skin an ultra-natural cleansing care with strong cleansing power. In fact, the organic cold saponified soap “Détox émoi” combines the adsorbent virtues of coal, which attracts toxins buried in the hollow of your epidermis, with the nourishing and moisturizing properties of castor oil, rich in fatty acids. So, this organic soap is perfect for combination skin that requires deep cleansing. Detoxifying and purifying, the charcoal soap clears the skin of impurities that accumulate on the epidermis. Its foam carries away dust and other residues resulting from environmental pollution. Futhermore, it also removes the natural secretions of the skin, encouraged by stress. Cleansed, soothed and softened, your skin becomes the mirror of your personality again.

Its rich composition draws on the chemical qualities of coal powder, combined with a unique combination of castor, coconut, palmarosa, sage, olive and rapeseed oils. In addition, it contains essential oil of geranium flower and shea butter. Detoxifying, softening, moisturizing and softening, “Détox émoi” charcoal soap is therefore the result of the combination of the benefits of nature for a fresh, luminous and healthy skin.

 The opinion of Louise émoi about the soap with Charcoal « Détox émoi »

Let yourself be surprised by this amazing soap with scaling and moisturizing qualities. Ultra-effective on combination skin, it brightens the complexion and maintains an optimal level of hydration on your skin thanks to the action of castor oil. The essential oil of geranium flower brings its astringent and healing properties to this organic soap. As a result, the pores are tightened and the skin regains its elasticity.
Its unexpected color and elegant fragrance will make it the darling of your detox care.

Charcoal, purifying, detoxifying, cleansing, amazing!

Obtained from the calcination of coconut shells, followed by thermal activation, coal powder has been used since antiquity for its medicinal virtues. While Hippocrates associated it with many preparations, the Egyptians used it to purify water. Activated carbon causes a chemical reaction that allows it to capture and fix molecules, atoms or ions on its porous surface. In cosmetics, its adsorbent properties allow it to attract impurities embedded in the skin. This phenomenon on a microscopic scale makes it possible to cleanse and purify the skin in depth.


Castor oil, Charcoal, Geranium flower essential oil.

99.90% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.
83.01% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

All our soaps are made by cold saponification on a base of 4 vegetable oils, olive oil, coconut butter, shea butter, rapeseed oil with a soft and specific vegetable oil in surgras according to the soap and a synergy of essential oils for the properties they confer and their fragrance.

Composition INCI

Sodium Olivate**, Sodium Cocoate**, Sodium Shea Butterate**, Aqua, Glycerin**, Sodium Rapeseedate**, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil*, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Butyrospremum Parkii Butter*, Cymbopogon Martini Oil*, Salvia Officinalis Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*, Brassica Napus Seed Oil*,Charcoal Powder*, Citral***, Citronellol***, Farnesol***, Geraniol***, Limonene***, Linalool***

*Ingredients from organic farming
**Ingredients processed from organic ingredients
***Allergens naturally present in essential oils

Other information

The natural glycerine resulting from saponification is totally present in our soaps. We have chosen to work without palm oil or any other high demand raw material in accordance with our values. We do not wish to be part of the catastrophic ecological and social consequences of massive deforestation which serves commercial interests. They are totally biodegradable for the best respect of our environment. This is an act of responsible purchasing.