Cold process soap “Goat Milk & Sea Salt”


For normal skin

Experience all the moisturizing and awakening properties of our Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap. We’ve combined the ultra-nourishing benefits of goat milk with mineral rich sea salt to help detox and cleanse the skin. With its natural exfoliating action it frees you of impurities without irritation or dryness, leaving skin smooth and soft.


Key ingredients: Goat’s milk, Sea salt, olive oil and sweet almond oil

100% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.


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Know more about our cold process soap “Goat Milk & Sea Salt”

The benefits of Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap

Discover the natural ingredients of our Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap, rich in vitamins & minerals. Featuring the ultra-nourishing and moisturising goat milk and gentle exfoliating properties of natural Sea Salt. When applied in light circular massages, it cleanses with a gentle action of sea salt which polishes the surface of the epidermis, getting rid of dead skin and dust responsible for minor skin blemishes

We’ve also combined it with emollient qualities of olive and sweet almond oils, as well as the nutritionalproperties of shea butter.

Formulated with essential oils?
Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap is suitable for normal skin. It can be used by expectant mothers and people intolerant to ET???

Louise’s aim with Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap

There is an abundance of natural benefits for the skin in this exfoliating soap. We created the recipe inspired by the gentle exfoliation properties of sea salt. The polishing action of the salt on the surface of the skin helps to cleanse impurities, for clearer, cleaner skin. The Goat milk brings a softening and moisturizing effect, helping the skin glow without irritation or redness

Goat Milk and Sea Salt, a perfect combination

Goat Milk & Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap combines goat milk for its ultra-nourishing benefits, with the gentle soothing and firming exfoliating action of sea salt. These unique ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals and cleanse the skin without irritating it. The mixture has a slight textured touch that is suitable for normal to fragile skin. An amazing combination resulting in a natural and gentle exfoliation, leaving skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

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