Cold process soap “Coffee Colour”



This soap eliminates the most powerful odours and can be used as dishwashing liquid. Simply rub it on a scouring sponge. It will quickly become a kitchen essential.

Our soaps are made with Love in an artisanal way: their shape and color may differ slightly from the visual.


Key ingredients: Coffee powder

100% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.

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The advantages of Coffee Colour dish soap

Coffee Colour is a soap for the kitchen with excellent de-greasing and odour-neutralising power. It balances strong cooking smells such as garlic or fish, whilst taking care of your hands that are regularly exposed to tap water.

Its clever composition uses coffee grounds – the fine powder acts as a brilliant exfoliant and also removes dirt. Applied on a sponge, this cold soap safely replaces dishwashing liquid and is in no way intimidated by your cookware or greasy stoves. Coffee Colour is also effective for cleaning ceramic hobs, glass on the oven and sinks, baths or taps.

Composed of coconut butter and shea, olive oil and coffee grounds, this kitchen soap is both effective for the hygiene of your home, and respectful of your skin. Your hands, frequently busy with housework, will discover the tenderness of this soap, with its nourishing and emollient properties. Hands will not dry out and remain soft even after washing the dishes.

Louise émoi’s opinion on “Couleur Café” organic soap

This cold-saponified organic soap is very surprising! A multi-use product of the highest quality, it can do almost everything in the home. With its practical format and textured feel, Coffee Colour is an economical and ecological product. Its low impact on the environment makes it a product to use on a daily basis. Free of all types of synthetic washing agents, it uses the power of coffee grounds to clean and sanitise your kitchen.

Rubbed on a sponge, it develops a natural lather which picks up the dirt stuck on your dishes. Your hands remain soft and velvety thanks to the protective and moisturising properties of olive oil. Gardeners and those undertaking DIY will be won over by Coffee Colour organic soap, as it is the perfect choice for those doing manual work. It will do wonders on dirt and mud stains.

This amazing combination of ingredients is enhanced by the raw charm of this organic soap with its charming coffee-infused tones. Structured and warm, efficient and very soft, it ensures impeccable kitchen cleanliness

Coffee grounds, a powerful and natural exfoliant

Sourced from the grinding and steam sterilisation of beans from the Coffea Arabica coffee tree, coffee grounds have superb exfoliating and odour-neutralising qualities. Cosmetics use it for the development of certain treatments. Its powdery consistency makes it the ideal ingredient for household soaps. It is perfect for neutralising kitchen and household odours and cleanings stubborn stains. Combined with olive oil in this cold-saponified organic soap, it softens roughness and gives the skin a velvety feel.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, no plastic packaging and made with no palm oil (like all Louise émoi soaps) Coffee Colour is part of a responsible approach to treating the environment with respect.


Coconut Butter Olive Oil Shea Butter Coffee Marc.

100% of the ingredients minus water and minerals are from organic farming.
82.91% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

All our soaps are made by cold saponification on a base of 4 vegetable oils, olive oil, coconut butter, shea butter, rapeseed oil with a soft and specific vegetable oil in surgras according to the soap and a synergy of essential oils for the properties they confer and their fragrance.

Composition INCI

Sodium Cocoate**, Sodium Olivate**, Sodium Shea Butterate**, Aqua, Glycerin**, Sodium Rapeseedate**, Coffea Seed Powder*, Lavandula Hybrida Oil*, Geraniool***, Limonene***, Linalool***

* Ingredients from organic farming
** Ingredients processed from organic ingredients
*** Allergens naturally present in essential oils

Autres informations

The natural glycerine resulting from saponification is totally present in our soaps. We have chosen to work without palm oil or any other high demand raw material in accordance with our values. We do not wish to be part of the catastrophic ecological and social consequences of massive deforestation which serves commercial interests. They are totally biodegradable for the best respect of our environment. This is an act of responsible purchasing.


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