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Certified and labelled care

Our cold process soaps are manufactured in accordance with the strictest cosmetic and organic farming standards (Nature & Progrès label).

We manufacture our products without palm oil and work with local producers whenever possible. We produce our own plant macerations and develop synergies between essential oils.

In order to meet our requirements, we harvest the flowers of Immortelle and Millepertuis. The colourings are completely natural (honey, fir syrup, marigold flowers, etc.) and chosen above all for their properties.

In order to preserve the full virtues of the plants and to give the soap all its nourishing and softening properties, we work by cold saponification. An ideal surgras of 9% in each soap confers nutrition, softness and well-being to the whole of our epidermis. Olive, coconut, shea and rapeseed oils form the basis of our oils to create a noble and successful base. The soft oil used in the surgras is selected and differs according to the desired properties.

We apply exactly the same principles
to our oils and balms.

Our philosophy is guided by the respect of nature without any concession

Our philosophy is guided by the respect of nature without any concession


Certified and labelled care

Our approach is supported by our adherence to labels and labels related to the respect of natural resources. The presence of these logos reflects our company's total adherence to the concepts and policies laid down by the organisations behind these initiatives.

Nature & Progrès

The whole of our range is under the Nature et Progrès label. This is the most demanding label in the world of organic labels. This means that 100% of the plant ingredients must come from organic farming.

Guaranteed palm oil free

We have chosen to work without palm oil or other high-demand raw materials in keeping with our values. We do not wish to be a party to the catastrophic ecological and social consequences of massive deforestation which serves commercial interests.

Made in France

All our products are designed and manufactured in France at the heart of our soap factory located in Vielmur-sur-Agout in the Tarn. In addition to manufacturing, our products are labelled and packaged on our premises by our shipping team.

Cosmos Organic

This certification guarantees the presence of at least 95% organic plants and the absence of petrochemical ingredients. COSMOS standards are stringent in terms of eco-responsibility and container recycling.

Cold saponification

This label is exclusively delivered by theADNS (Association des Nouveaux Savonniers) and groups together a large number of soap makers who produce their soaps using the traditional cold saponification process.

Slow cosmetics 

The Mention is not a label, it is an award given by the Slow Cosmetics Association to brands committed to a more ecological and less deceptive beauty. Slow Cosmetics is based on simple and understandable principles: knowledge, common sense and ethics.

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