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Behind the scenes of the soap factory

The history of our artisanal soap factory

Louise Emoi was born in the Tarn countryside. The first artisanal soap factory in the region, we imagine, test and manufacture natural and certified organic cosmetic products. It is with respect for nature and our values that we make cold process soaps, solid shampoos, balms, oils, solid deodorants, liquid soaps and a solid make-up remover with love and passion. We select our raw materials with great care, favouring short circuits and buying from neighbouring farmers whenever possible.

Veronique's word

How did our artisanal soap factory come into being?

At the beginning of this adventure, there were two of us, Louise... and me.

All this effervescence starts from a crazy desire to create. From these small desires that are so simple that they share your thoughts, first discreetly, then burst into your conversations and finally invite themselves into your dreams. I had just spent 3 years raising my children and I needed to transform the material, to do something useful while respecting my values.

With my intention set, I went in search of a sign to understand what was waiting for me. Life being generous, I came across soap stalls that more or less corresponded to my ideal. What I thought was possible on a personal level was spread out before me in a professional way. The seed was planted, then it germinated.


From then on, I had to train, learn, try, fail, start again, grope, and this for many months... to finally arrive at what I felt was right, very timidly but really. It remained to persevere. I think it's hard to imagine so many difficulties in a single little word... four syllables long.

organic soap factory

To develop my business, I chose to go through a cooperative. This mode of enterprise corresponded to my desire to share and to discover different individualities. And one of my guides was there during the difficult times, supporting me when I was discouraged.


The soaps have travelled a lot with me, first to local markets and then all over France to organic fairs. The range has grown from 8 soaps at the beginning to 26 different scents, enlarged with cosmetics, balms and oils. We have even started to plant the flowers that we use in our maceration.

This stage was spread over 4 years until it became clear that in order to go even further in the development, a change of statutes was necessary. The dreamed-of Louise Emoi SAS could be born with the following partners: Louise, an unfailing partner, and Matthieu, bubbling with ideas.



The birth and beginnings of Louise Emoi


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Departure from
Veronique - Creation
de la Savonnerie


Expansion of the soap factory from 500m² to 1000m².


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Louise emoi


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