Cold process soap

Organic cosmetics and cold-processed soaps

In the Tarn countryside, we manufacture cold-processed soaps, oils and organic creams with love. We dream up our products, carefully test them and ultimately bring them to you.

We stay true to our strong values: using natural and organic components: a small network of suppliers, locally-produced ingredients from local farmers where possible. We do not use palm oil or any highly-demanded oil that has too short a supply.

Natural and unique treatments which respect your skin and nature

Our products are unique, designed by us from the mixing of vegetable and essential oils that inspire us, the solar maceration of superb plants and the colours which transport us. With many levels of success, we try to create the fragrances we dream of. Sometimes we are surprised and delighted in the accuracy of a perfume or feel scepticism for the tricky humour of essential oils.

savon saponifié à froid

The art of cold saponification and maceration

Our cold soaps are produced in accordance with the most rigorous standards of cosmetics and organic farming (Nature & Progrès). We make our products without palm oil and work with local producers as much as we can. We produce our own plants for maceration and develop synergies between essential oils. To reinforce our requirements, we cultivate our own plants (immortelle, Italian strawflower, marigolds …).

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Your favorite cold-processed soaps

  • Argan cold soap – “Secret d’Argan”

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  • Cold process soap “Coffee Colour”

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  • Cold Soap with Charcoal – “Détox émoi”

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  • Hemp and Nettle Cold Soap – “Nettle Caress”

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  • Organic Marseille Soap Cold Saponified

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Why choosing a cold process soap ?

The cold-processed soap is both environmental-friendly and affordable. Unlike soaps in supermarkets which have man-made and sometimes harmful components (dyes, perfumes…), the cold-processed soaps are solely manufactured from simple and natural ingredients. The properties of vegetable oils we use are preserved which result in a treatment full of natural glycerin, perfect for the skin. At Louise emoi, our favorite oil are : macadamia oil, castor oil, hazelnut oil, sweet almond oil.