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Cold Saponified Soaps

Taking care of all skin types and satisfying all their needs? This is the objective we have set ourselves in imagining our range of 28 cold process soaps with natural virtues for the skin in the Love of nature and our planet. Our natural soaps are made using the cold saponification process with organic extra virgin vegetable oils from the first cold pressing. This ancestral manufacturing method consists of mixing a fatty substance with an alkaline substance in order to obtain a soap that is gentle on the skin and preserves all the benefits and virtues of vegetable oils, essential oils and other natural active ingredients.

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  • organic calendula soap
    Calendula Cold Process Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • organic handmade soap
    Tout Doux" surgras baby soap
    4.50 Buy
  • Aloe Arborescens Cold Process Soap "Aloe Nectar
    4.50 Buy
  • organic argan soap
    Secret d'Argan" cold process soap
    4.50 Buy
  • organic handmade soap with hemp
    Hemp cold process soap "Chanvre à Tout Faire
    4.50 Buy
  • organic handmade anti-acne soap
    Niaouli Cold Soap for Problem Skin "Niaouli Ni Bouton
    4.50 Buy
  • organic handmade soap
    Enchanted Forest" Fir Syrup Cold Process Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • patchouli soap
    Sensually Patchouli" Cold Process Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • organic anti-acne soap
    Red Clay Cold Process Soap "Réveil Orangé
    4.50 Buy
  • Cold process soap "D√©lice D'Alep
    5.50 Buy
  • organic goat's milk soap
    Goat's Milk Cold Process Soap "Goat and Salt
    4.50 Buy
  • organic goat's milk soap
    Goat's Milk Cold Process Soap "Goat Citrus
    4.50 Buy
  • organic goat's milk soap
    Goat's Milk Cold Process Soap "Neutral Goat
    4.50 Buy
  • organic goat's milk soap
    Goat's Milk Cold Process Soap - Chèvrissime
    4.50 Buy
  • detox emoi organic soap
    Detox Emoi" Cold Process Soap with Charcoal
    4.50 Buy
  • barber shaving soap travel size
    Le Barbier" Shaving Soap Travel Size
    9.00 Buy
  • Organic cold process soap from Marseille
    4.50 Buy
  • Caresse d'ortie" Hemp and Nettle Cold Process Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • immortelle organic soap
    Poussière d'Immortelle" cold process soap
    4.50 Buy
  • natural and organic barber soap for men
    Le Barbier" Beard Soap Refill
    8.00 Buy
  • Cinnamon Night" Cold Process Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • natural organic beard soap le barbier
    Barber Shaving Soap
    13.00 Buy
  • handmade soap for the kitchen with organic coffee
    Couleur Café" Kitchen Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • Wild Thoughts" Cold Scrub Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • organic handmade soap
    Douce France" cold process soap
    4.50 Buy
  • louise emoi gourmandise de Miel soap
    Gourmandise de Miel" Cold Process Honey Soap
    4.50 Buy
  • Delicatesse d'anesse organic soap
    Donkey Milk Cold Process Soap " D√©licatesse d'√ānesse
    5.50 Buy
  • organic softness soap
    Milky Way" sheep's milk cold process soap
    4.50 Buy
  • Green Tea & Mint Cold Process Soap "Fra√ģcheur de Menthe
    4.50 Buy

Choose your cold process soap

We make all our cold process soaps by cold saponification. This ancestral manufacturing process is a know-how that we have been using for more than 10 years to obtain healthy, soft soaps made from natural and organic ingredients.

The manufacturing process consists of mixing caustic soda with a base of vegetable oils and butters (shea butter for example). We mix for several minutes until we obtain a liquid paste: this is where saponification begins. This paste is then poured into moulds for 24 hours so that the saponification can be finalised.

Discover our know-how

For more than 10 years, we have been making cold process soaps in our Tarn countryside, in the heart of the Occitanie region. Our range extends to more than 28 cold process soaps. With or without essential oils, noble vegetable oils of all kinds and nourishing milks from local farms. All of which is perfect for indulging yourself and caring for your skin with complete confidence.
We have tried and tested until we have perfected our recipes, which are very gentle on the skin. This know-how is recognised by our membership of the association of master soap makers.

Discover our cold process soap boxes

To make it easier for you to choose your gifts, our team has put together a number of cold-saponified soap boxes. Discover soap & oil or soap & balm combination sets such as: Calendula Set, Delicious Set, Immortal Set or Rose Set. Specially guaranteed without essential oils for pregnant women and children, we offer the Coffret Douceur, ideal as a birth gift.
To introduce you to saponified organic soaps, we also offer boxes of 8 soaps 50g: the Discovery Boxes. These sets are available for dry skin as well as for combination to oily skin. A great way to discover or rediscover the soft and natural scents of essential oils.

Cold or hot saponification: what are the differences?

The process of hot saponification shows great differences from cold saponification.

Indeed, hot saponification is an industrial process that allows the production of very large quantities of soap. As such, it requires much more equipment. Unlike cold saponification, which is slow, hot saponification requires the oven to be heated to 120 degrees! This destroys all the beneficial qualities of the oils used. After the cooking phase, comes the release phase where the potash used and the excess soda are removed. Unfortunately, it is at this stage that all the glycerine (glycerine that provides moisture to the skin) is removed along with the other materials.

Cold saponification: the benefits

The important thing to remember is that cold saponification, because of its slow and unheated process, does not destroy the virtues of the vegetable oils, butters, essential oils and other ingredients used. All the benefits are retained to provide the skin with what it needs to be moisturised, supple and soft. Read more about this product

Choose a cold-saponified soap according to your skin type.

Every skin type is represented in our range of cold process soaps. Dry, fragile, normal, mature, irritated, mixed or oily skin will find something to suit it in our range of coloured soaps. For dry, fragile or mature skin, a range of very gentle soaps offers to pamper your skin and wrap it in a protective and nourishing lipidic film. Secret d'Argan, For√™t Enchant√©e, Tout Doux, Calendula, Ch√®vrissime, Ch√®vre & Sel, Ch√®vre Agrumes, Ch√®vre Neutre, Voie Lact√©e, D√©licatesse d'√Ęnesse, or Nectar d'Aloe are specially formulated to take care of fragile skin that needs a little help to stay soft and supple. Caresse d'Ortie, D√©tox √©moi, R√©veil Orang√©, D√©lice d'Alep or Niaouli Ni Bouton take care of these delicate skins in search of a gentle cleanser allowing them to regulate themselves gently and naturally. Normal skin is not forgotten, Sensuellement Patchouli, Fra√ģcheur de Menthe, Nuit de Cannelle or Le Marseillais delicately cleanse and perfume the skin. Freshness, suppleness and softness are restored.

Cold-saponified soaps are eco-friendly

An undeniable advantage of cold-saponified soaps is that they are eco-friendly. They don't need a plastic container like a regular shower gel! Plastic containers are responsible for a large part of the pollution of the oceans, so if you can avoid them, you might as well try! 

Louise Emoi cold process soaps are also biodegradable thanks to their clean composition. In a soap, you will only find organic vegetable oils, organic essential oils, organic (and local) ingredients such as honey, fir syrup, donkey milk or goat milk. The absence of materials such as silicones, synthetic surfactants (e.g. sodium laureth sulphate) or preservatives makes our soaps ideal for taking on long hikes or river trips. The use of a biodegradable soap allows you to wash directly in natural water without damaging the fauna and flora.

Cold-saponified soaps are economical

In addition to being handcrafted with organically grown ingredients, cold process soaps are economically advantageous. When you buy a cold process soap, you pay for the artisanal labour, the natural and organic raw materials. This is in contrast to a conventional commercial shower gel containing 80% water.

Moreover, a cold process soap lasts 2 to 3 times longer than a classic shower gel! We tend to use too much material when using a shower gel, with a cold process soap there is no risk of using too much material! In order to increase its lifespan, we advise you to dry your cold process soap well between uses. To make it easier for you, we recommend using a Magnetic soap holder. Very easy to use, it allows you to hang your soap anywhere that can receive a suction cup. No more standing water, no more residue... a clean and dry soap every time you use it!

Labels to respect for quality cold process soap

Today, we find many labels on our cosmetics. These labels certify the quality of the product, its origin, its manufacture, the ingredients used, etc. Our cold-saponified soaps promote several of them: Slow Cosmetics, Ecocert, Nature & Progrès, Cosmos Organic!

Nature & Progrès is the most stringent label to obtain. Indeed, this association also controls the marketing, the size of the company (human scale), the environmental impact and the waste management. 

The Slow Cosmetics association, in addition to controlling French manufacturing, also controls marketing! Indeed, this association only issues its label under certain demanding criteria. The label is a guarantee of quality and allows you to know that you are buying a product that is healthier for you, for your skin and for the planet. 

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