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Natural Oils

All our oils are blends that we make. Developed to care for your skin from head to toe, they all have well-defined functions. As with our soaps, they are first cold pressed extra virgin organic oils with numerous nourishing properties. In macerates or combined with essential oils, we like to play with the great and rich diversity of vegetable oils with innumerable benefits until the creation of an accomplished product. These are often so-called dry oils so that they penetrate the skin well and there is no greasy feeling.

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  • immortelle organic oil
    Immortelle & St John's Wort Organic Oil La Bienveillante
    17.00 - 25.00 Buy
  • Pik Nik Bio anti-mosquito oil
    Anti-mosquito oil - Pik-Nik
    8.50 - 12.00 Buy
  • bold oil
    L'Audacieux Hemp Oil
    20.00 - 30.00 Buy
  • elegant organic men's oil
    Elegant Organic Beard Oil
    14.50 - 20.00 Buy
  • organic daisy bust oil
    Daisy oil
    10.00 - 15.00 Buy
  • louise emoi rose hip oil
    Organic Rose Hip Oil
    17.00 - 25.00 Buy
  • organic delicious oil
    Delicious Oil - Body, Face and Hair
    8.50 - 14.00 Buy
  • voluptuous massage oil
    Voluptuous Oil - Sensual massage oil
    8.50 - 14.00 Buy
  • St. John's wort oil
    Organic St John's Wort and Calendula Oil - After Sun
    10.00 - 15.00 Buy

A natural production of organic oils for a nourished and soft skin

Our organic beauty oils respect both the skin... and nature. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, our oils are full of virtues drawn from the heart of plants. The properties of the plants will allow you to take care of your skin in a natural way. Moreover, we favour local producers as much as possible in order to develop our territory economically and limit our ecological impact.

Our oils are made with love and in an artisanal way in the heart of the Tarn in our soap factory in the southwest of France.

Organic beauty oils for every skin type: dry, normal, mature

St John's Wort and La Bienveillante oils are suitable for all skin types. St John's wort oil is a repairing oil for skin damaged by the harmful effects of the sun due to excessive exposure. Similarly, Benevolent is a soothing oil that pampers skin subjected to external aggressions such as the cold or the sun. Both oils contain St John's wort and can be photo-sensitising... so apply in the evening.
Suitable for body, face and hair care, Huile Délicieuse and Huile L'Audacieux are multipurpose. They moisturize and nourish the skin and hair.
Rose Hip Oil can be used by all skin types. However, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of mature skin.
As for Daisy Oil, it is intended for the care of slackened skin, particularly on the bust, arms, face contour and stomach after pregnancy.

Beauty oils with natural ingredients

We carefully select the raw materials contained in our products. For example, all our raw materials are organically grown.
Furthermore, we make our own macerates by bathing our plants and flowers in vegetable oils. For example, we use St John's wort macerate in sesame oil for our La Bienveillante oil. We also use calendula macerate in sweet almond oil as the ingredient of choice in our Elegant oil.

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