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Natural Solid Deodorants certified organic

Discover our range of natural organic deodorants Mondéo. Formulated without sodium bicarbonate and aluminium salts, our deodorants get rid of perspiration odours without irritating the skin. Our Mondéo organic cosmetic care products work thanks to the deodorising action of essential oils: they trap the bacteria responsible for perspiration odours in a natural and healthy way: essential oils of palmarosa, lemon peel, patchouli, lavandin... So many fresh, invigorating and floral scents that punctuate your every move in a natural way.

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  • natural deodorant mint and tea tree
    Natural Solid Deodorant - Peppermint & Tea Tree
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  • organic solid deodorant
    Natural Solid Deodorant - Geranium & Palmarosa
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  • organic solid deodorant
    Natural Solid Deodorant - Essential Oil Free
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  • organic solid deodorant
    Natural Solid Deodorant - Lavender & Palmarosa
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  • natural solid deodorant lemon
    Natural Solid Deodorant - Lemon & Patchouli
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use of the natural solid deodorant

The "balm" format of our natural deodorant allows for a healthy and hygienic use. You can apply the organic deodorant with your fingertip or with a wooden stick. Then apply directly to the skin under the arms with your finger. Bacteria do not come into contact with the deodorant, which remains intact, unlike "stick" type formats, which can collect perspiration, odours, sweat, etc.

Formulated with moisturizing coconut oil and ultra-protective cocoa butter, Mondéo's natural organic deodorant protects and gently nourishes the skin without irritating it. We have added clay to our organic deodorant, an ingredient with absorbent and soothing properties.


Benefits of natural solid deodorant

A real beauty treatment, without aluminium salts, without baking soda, with a delicious fragrance and a texture based on emollient oils! The organic deodorant is the natural solution for the small daily problems of odour and perspiration, based on the deodorizing action of the essential oil of palmarosa. The organic product to have in your cupboard, a pretty deo in a jar with acidulous colours and natural ingredients. Easy to apply, the lemon patchouli or lavender scent brings a fresh and tonic note. Designed for all skin types, guaranteed without baking soda, Louise Emoi 's natural deodorants accompany you throughout the day with efficiency and softness in floral and citrus scents.

Format of the natural solid deodorant

These natural skin care products look like balms in jars reminiscent of beauty creams. Forget the sticks to be applied directly to the skin of the armpits: the organic deodorant helps to fight against odours naturally, by taking care of the skin and with a pleasant effectiveness which lasts all day. Zero baking soda and zero aluminium salts for a protected skin and a respected nature. Mondéo bio natural deodorant is a cosmetic with a balm or cream texture and an effectiveness that lasts all day.

Also to be applied to the feet in case of perspiration on this area of the body. Natural cosmetic care ultra complete, guaranteed zero sodium bicarbonate and non-irritating for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Which do you think you'd prefer? The tonic of lemon or the charm of lavender? All that will remain on your skin is the scent of lavender or lemon with its patchouli notes. A real beauty product based on natural ingredients: the gentle effectiveness of palmarosa essential oil combined with the softness of coconut oil. A deodorant to be adopted in your home and in your handbag for a fresh touch-up at any time of the day! Armpits are sanitized, the skin is protected, the fragrance is subtle, and nature is protected. This cosmetic product has the Nature et progrès label and is not tested on animals, as is our entire range.

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