Home essentials

For a clean and healthy home without compromise for the planet, discover our range of products specially designed for the maintenance of your home. Natural fibre accessories, vegetable sponges, cold soaps for the dishes: the essentials of the house in zero waste mode for your sweet home.
Discover our Home range inspired by Nature.

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Home essentials

Organic products for the home

Our cleaning products such as our Coffee Colour cold process solid dish soap or our vegetable sponge are ecological and natural solutions for cleaning your home. In addition to being ecological, our cleaning products are also economical. Indeed, a small quantity of Coffee Colour soap will clean all your utensils and surfaces.
Our Coffee Colour dishwashing soap allows you to clean all your dishes in an efficient way. It is the ideal household soap, because it also eliminates odours, particularly garlic, onion, etc. To use it, rub it on a scrubbing sponge. A powerful degreaser and deodoriser, our Coffee Colour cold process dish soap is ideal for the kitchen. Handymen and gardeners will also be seduced by the effectiveness of Coffee Colour soap. Indeed, this soap is perfect for skin damaged by manual work, such as dirt stains on the hands that sometimes have trouble coming off. Think of the soap dish to avoid your solid dish soap getting wet.
In addition, don’t hesitate to use our vegetable sponge, one more step towards a zero waste kitchen. Perfect to wash your dishes in the respect of the environment, this sponge is biodegradable. The scraping side cleans without scratching and the sponge side is absorbent and ensures a nice foam for an efficient cleaning. This sponge lasts longer than an industrial sponge. This sponge is machine washable at 30°. So, this sponge is not only natural but also reusable.

Natural cleaning products

Made from natural ingredients, our Coffee Colour soap contains coffee powder which acts as a particularly effective exfoliant to remove food residues, grease and dirt.
Respectful of the skin of your hands, Coffee Colour cold process dish soap is made of coconut and shea butter, olive oil and coffee powder. These natural ingredients make this kitchen soap a multi-purpose product that is both effective for your home and kitchen hygiene. These non-abrasive ingredients will leave your hands soft even after washing the dishes. Free from any type of synthetic washing agent, the ingredients that make up this soap are much more natural than their traditional liquid counterpart.
Coffee powder has deodorising qualities. It is perfect for neutralizing kitchen and household odours.
As for the sponge, its scrubbing side is made of loofah, a hygienic material with gentle exfoliating properties. The sponge side is made of wood cellulose.