Vegan care

Day after day, you have at heart to respect the animals and you take care not to use products from their farm. In your diet, in your wardrobe and in your care routine, you adopt a vegan philosophy of life that respects all living beings that inhabit our beautiful planet.
We have created for you a selection of vegan cold soaps and organic oils. This vegan range has been designed to bring you all the pleasure of natural skincare on a daily basis, while respecting your approach in favour of the well-being of all.

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Organic Vegan Care

An artisanal production

Our vegan and organic skin care products are manufactured in our soap factory located in the beautiful Tarn department. They take care of your skin, are formulated with organic raw materials and respect the environment. We use local producers as much as possible. This not only limits our ecological impact, but also supports the local economy.

Products without animal substances

Some of our products do not contain any animal derivatives (milk, beeswax, honey).
Our soaps allow for gentle cleansing. The washing care products adapted to the vegan lifestyle are the Secret d’Argan, Aleppo Organic Soap, Calendula, Détox émoi, Nettle Caress, Poussière Immortelle, Marseille Soap, Sensuellement Patchouli, Tout doux, Enchanted Forest, Awakening Orange, Cinnamon Night, hemp soap « Chanvre à Tout Faire », Spot-Free Niaouli, Douce France, Wild Thoughts, Fresh Mint, Coffee Colour. Find your favourite in this range of products. Secret d’Argan soap is specially created for fragile and dry skin. Calendula soap, (with oat milk) one of our bestsellers, is gentle on fragile or irritated skin but suitable for all. These soaps are the best way to wash without damaging your skin.
All our shampoos are vegan, and one of our favourites is The Alexandrine solid shampoo for all hair types. Its delicately scented fragrance will delight most people.
Our vegan oils will intensely nourish the skin of the face and body. In the vegan range, you will find the multi-purpose Delicious oil, which can be used on the face, body and hair as a nourishing oil with a dry feel. The organic Rose Hip oil is an oil specially designed for the face and will perfectly suit the needs of mature skin.
The Silky hair balm is particularly beneficial for nourishing the hair. This rich and generous balm will bring comfort to hair fibres damaged by the sun and salt. It is ideal for dry and dehydrated hair.

Organic care with natural ingredients

A vegan beauty product is not necessarily organic, and vice versa. But at Louise Emoi we have chosen to select raw materials of organic and natural origin for our vegan products. The Secret d’argan soap is made from organic argan oil, renowned for its nourishing properties. The Fresh Mint soap contains organic macadamia oil to moisturise and organic green tea known for its antioxidant action. In addition, the sweet mint and peppermint used in this soap are known for their toning properties.
We have formulated our Delicious oil with jojoba oil, renowned for its softening qualities. Delicious oil also contains apricot kernel oil, rich in vitamin A, to illuminate your skin and reveal its radiance. The organic oil with rose hip allows, thanks to the action of the rose hip, to make the skin of the face supple and radiant. Our Silky Balm contains all the virtues of avocado oil and mango butter, both of which are excellent for nourishing the hair fibre.