Mature skin

From a certain age, the skin requires special attention. Thinner, more fragile, it needs a lot of softness. Louise émoi teams create cold soaps, beauty oils and nourishing balms, specially adapted to mature skin. They enable you to take care of it while being sure of raw materials origin and the composition of cosmetics you use.

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Mature skin

A handcrafted production

Our organic skincare products are made with love in our soap factory located in the south-west of France. Made by cold saponification, which preserves all the benefits and virtues of vegetable oils, our organic soaps respect your skin and the environment.

Organic care products adapted to mature skin

For mature skin, it is preferable to choose a surgras soap based on vegetable oils and butters, to gently soothe and moisturise. Our superfatted soaps are rich in vegetable glycerine and particularly suitable for fragile skin. Soaps without perfume or essential oils are recommended, and cold-saponified superfatted soap is the most suitable choice.
It is preferable to cleanse the skin thoroughly, either with a make-up remover such as Apple of my eyes, which will remove impurities without irritating the skin, or with a mild soap. Apply the balm to your face with a damp cotton wool pad, massaging in circular motions. Then rinse your face to remove all impurities.
Next, the perfect soaps for mature skin are Delicate Donkey Milk, Aloe Nectar, Secret d’argan which offer a very gentle, nourishing and soothing cleansing. The impurities of the day will be eliminated with a cold soap.
Lather the soap lightly in your hands and then spread the foam over your face. Massage in circular motions. Prefer slow and gentle movements.
Finally, we recommend using a balm or oil. Apply the balm or oil to your face with circular massages. The Immortelle balm is a treatment for mature or dry skin and can be used as a day or night treatment. Rose Hip Oil is ideal for filling in wrinkles on mature skin and moisturising dry skin. It can also be used for sensitive skin prone to redness and scars.

Organic skin care for mature skin with natural ingredients

Secret d’argan cold process soap contains argan oil which has a moisturising and protective effect. The Immortelles balm is rich in helychrises macerate, which is a miracle flower for the skin. It is essential for all mature skin because it regenerates the epidermis and promotes cell renewal. In addition, everlasting reduces redness of the skin.