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Handcrafted production

We have designed a whole range of products that are gentle on the skin, the hair … and the environment! Our cold soaps are made with Love in an artisanal way in our soap factory in the southwest of France. All of our raw materials come from organic farming and we favor local sourcing when we can. It is important to us to work with neighboring companies. Honey, donkey milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk are supplied to us by farmers in our department or locally. While the pretty labels that dress our soaps are printed by a company 10 minutes from the soap factory!

Gentle care suitable for all skin types

Dry, fragile, normal, mature, irritated, combination or oily skin will find their happiness in our assortment of organic and colored soaps and treatments. For dry, fragile or mature skin, soaps Secret d’Argan, Enchanted Forest, Tout Doux, Calendula, Goat Milk & Sea Salt, Goat Milk & Agrum, Goat Milk & Neutral, Milky Way, Delicate Donkey Milk, or Aloe Nectar are particularly suitable. They are formulated to take care of fragile skin that needs hydration and softness. Combination to oily skin types can opt for Nettle Caress, Détox émoi, Awakening Orange, Aleppo Organic Soapor Spot-Free Niaouli, which take care of delicate skin in search of a gentle cleanser. These soaps will gently regulate the production of sebum. Sensuellement Patchouli, Enchanted Forest, Cinnamon Night or Marseille Soap will delight normal skin. They gently cleanse and perfume the skin. Natural Deodorant for all skin types can also be used by expectant mothers because it does not contain essential oil. The Apple of My Eye Solid Make-up Remover gently removes make-up and reveals the radiance of the face. Do not forget our body balms and our lip balm, ideal for taking care of your lips, it will be the ally of chapped or damaged lips. The format of this lip balm will allow you to take it everywhere with you!

Organic care with natural ingredients

Our basic raw materials such as shea butter and coconut and macadamia oils are rigorously selected for their organic quality. This allows us to offer you care that respects your skin and Nature. We also use sunflower oil. This oil softens and softens the skin and gives it back its beautiful.