Organic solid shampoo

Our shampoo bars are manufactured just like our soaps, by cold saponification. They contain no surfactants, and are therefore 100% natural. As they are different from traditional liquid shampoos, you must give your hair and scalp time to get used to them. They are a cost-effective, eco-friendly hair care alternative. Other than the water, lye and clays, all of the raw materials they contain are organic.

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  • Organic shampoo bar for dry hair « The Nourishing »

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  • Organic shampoo bar for oily hair « The Balance »

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  • Organic shampoo « The Alexandrine »

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  • Organic Shampoo Bar Without Essential Oil « The Natural »

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Organic solid shampoo

To regain shiny, healthy and vigorous hair without making any concessions to the planet, organic solid shampoo is the ideal solution. Whether your hair is greasy, dry, damaged or normal, our range of natural and organic cosmetics provides an ecological solution for your hair.

Naturally produced organic solid shampoos for healthy, shiny hair

Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, like our entire range of cosmetics, our solid shampoos respect the hair fibre, the scalp and nature… Produced by organic agriculture, the ingredients we have selected to manufacture our solid shampoos are full of virtues drawn from the heart of plants, for hair care. We favour local distribution channel in order to limit our carbon footprint, in total respect of our environment and the ecosystem.
Our solid shampoos are handcrafted and made with love in our soap factory in the south-west of France. Free of surfactants or petrochemical derivatives, they are gentle hygiene products for the skin and scalp that bring the essence of nature to the heart of your hair. Without packaging and bottles, our products are zero-waste and guaranteed waste-free. The solid shampoo is practical and economical with its low price. It can be stored in a box and can easily be taken on your travels. Your hair will always be clean, eco-mode activated.

An organic solid shampoo for every hair type: oily, dry, damaged, normal

The solid shampoo brings the best of nature to your hair, including damaged hair. Practical, natural and ecological, it is very easy to apply: on your wet hair, gently rub the shampoo and let it develop a creamy and delicately scented foam. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove any residue of shampoo and let the lather run down the lengths to remove impurities.
For oily hair, The Balance organic solid shampoo brings the virtues of hemp oil and rhassoul. The scalp is cleansed, the hair is light, supple and easy to comb.
For dry and damaged hair, The Nourishing solid shampoo, formulated with jojoba oil, delivers a treasure trove of tone and vitality. Pink clay protects sensitive scalps. Dry and brittle hair is softened.
As for The Alexandrine, it is the organic solid shampoo formulated for normal hair and, more generally, all hair types. Black cumin oil cares for your hair, while respecting the hair fibre. Delicately marbled with blue and scented with a subtle combination of lavender and peppermint essential oils so, The Alexandrine organic solid shampoo brings a breath of freshness to your bathroom.
Our shampoos are cold-saponified, as are our soaps for face and body hygiene, they respect nature and the skin. Their ingredients retain their properties because the manufacturing process is done without heat, which could alter the virtues of the vegetable oils and essential oils. As with our organic soaps, each solid shampoo is unique due to the handcrafted manufacturing process: shades of colour depending on the noble oil used, mixtures of vegetable oils, manual or machine cutting… Your organic solid shampoo will be a collector’s item!

The hair transition, an organic solid shampoo for pampered hair

If you haven’t yet made the transition to solid shampoo, you’ll need to be patient before you see any results. Your scalp will have to go through a detox phase before you can fully benefit from the properties of the natural ingredients like plant oils and essential oils, in our solid shampoos. This so-called transition period can take more or less time depending on the hair. For the first few weeks, your hair will be a little stickier or crumpled than usual. Once you’re used to the liquid texture, it will take a few days for your hair to get back into balance. Don’t give up! Little by little, your scalp will get used to it, and will get the best of the virtues of the noble plant oils contained in our hair care products. And don’t forget that the foam of solid shampoos is a source of vitality and softness, and that it restores the virtues of the plant oils, selected ingredients drawn from the heart of the Earth’s roots to your hair.
Feel free to complement your hair care routine with a nourishing oil, such as Delicious Oil.Versatile and in line with the natural components of the shampoo, this oil brings the benefits of ingredients such as jojoba, apricot kernel and sunflower for hair that shines with beauty.
The organic solid shampoo, an ecological format for the respect of the planet and the skin
The solid format is a major advantage, as the shampoo fits easily on a soap dish, in a minimalist vanity, and can even fit into a small carry-on bag for globe trotters or business workers travelling. In addition, our solid shampoos are offered in zero waste mode: no packaging, no plastic, no packaging likely to deteriorate our environment.
And in your bathroom, a pretty harmony is created between your cold process soap and your solid shampoo for hair care, both without packaging, without surfactants, made from organic ingredients. With the added bonus of a fragrant touch provided by essential oils, and an ultra-ecological gesture through ingredients of natural origin, including rhassoul, clays… and of course jojoba oil, hemp oil, castor oil, nigella oil… So choose an organic solid shampoo to get soft and light hair.
Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on the organic solid shampoo you have tried, and let us know your tips , as well as your feelings about your experience with the product you have chosen. Whether dry, oily, damaged or normal, leave the liquid shampoo behind and give your hair a gentle cosmetic, free from the harmful surfactants that chemical textures in bottles are full of. You can leave a review of the organic solid shampoo you have chosen on the product page, under the heading “Product Reviews”.
All our solid shampoos, like all the products, soaps, oils, balms and deodorants in our organic cosmetics range, are made in France. Forget the liquid; choose your organic solid shampoo, unveil radiant hair, reconnect with nature!