Organic care for men

If Louise émoi products are aimed at the whole family, we wanted to develop an organic care range for men, in particular to help maintain his beard: kit, beard oil, facial care, box, saf… All based on castor oil, an ideal ingredient for beard care.

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Organic skin care for men

Men also have the right to cosmetic care adapted to their needs. Louise Emoi has developed a range of organic cosmetics for men: cleansing and nourishing products, shaving soaps, etc. Perfect for taking care of your beard, your face and your body.

A handcrafted production

We manufacture our organic care products by hand in our soap factory in south-west France. The products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients. They respect nature, its resources and your skin. We support the local economy as much as possible by using local producers. This also allows us to limit our ecological impact.

Products adapted to every need

Our soaps allow for gentle cleansing. The washing care products particularly appreciated by men are the detox emoi soap, nettle caress, enchanted forest, hemp all purpose and the Aleppo delight. The detox emoi and nettle caress are perfect for combination skin while the Aleppo delight will work wonders on oily skin. As for the all-purpose hemp soap, it will suit everyone. They are the allies of choice for washing without damaging the skin.
Our oils will intensely nourish the skin of the face and body. Audacious is a versatile oil and can be used on the face, body and hair. Elegant is an oil specially designed for beards and hair.
Le Poilu balm is particularly beneficial for nourishing beards and hair. This rich and generous balm is suitable for all skin types. Moreover, it is vegan.
The Barber beard soap is ideal for all skin types, even the most fragile. The Barber leaves your skin smooth and soft with a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Organic care with natural ingredients

We take care to select raw materials of natural origin … and organic. The Detox emoi soap is made of charcoal to purify the skin. The nettle caress soap contains certified organic nettle powder which is known for its regulating action. The olive oil and vegetable oil of bay laurel present in the soap Aleppo Organic Soap are known for their nourishing properties.
Find in our Balm Le Poilu all the virtues of hemp oil and broccoli oil … both excellent for the hair fiber. The barber’s beard soap, thanks to the coconut butter and shea butter rich in moisturising active ingredients, makes this soap a perfect treatment for gentle shaving. The mint it contains brings a sensation of freshness.