Organic Liquid Soap

Fluid, creamy and soft foam …
Our organic liquid soaps invite you into your bathroom for a delicate cleanse with a rich, creamy and smooth lather that gently moisturizes all skin types. Made with only organic vegetable oils, our liquid soaps adhere to our ethical core values of respect for nature and its resources.

Inspired by fresh and uplifting natural scents we have infused floral, spicy, airy and elegant fragrances; alternatively, make your own creations from our neutral base by just adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil/s. An intuitive fragrance imagined by You …

Our liquid soaps can be used on the face and the body.

Practical and playful, these alternatives to solid soap contain the same properties. Formulated from organic olive, coconut and castor oils and processed through saponification with Louise émoi’s signature love and care.

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Natural liquid soaps

Handcrafted natural soap for clean and fragrant skin

Our liquid soaps are made with organic ingredients and are lovingly handcrafted in our soap factory in south-west France.
While respecting nature, our liquid soaps will take care of your skin. Guaranteed without petrochemical raw materials, our liquid soaps will allow you to replace classic shower gels in a natural way. Moreover, we choose local producers as much as possible in order to support the economy of our territories and limit our ecological impact.

An organic soap for every skin type: oily, dry, damaged, fragile, normal, combination, mature

Our organic liquid soaps allow for gentle cleansing of the skin without drying it out, thanks to the presence of glycerine in particular.
Citrus Flower liquid soap with its lemon and mandarin essential oils has a tonic, invigorating and stimulating scent, with a hint of black pepper essential oil for a slightly peppery note. Flower of Spices liquid soap has a warm and spicy scent of Ylang-Ylang, sage and geranium.
For those who prefer odourless soaps, we have developed the neutral base liquid soap. This liquid soap does not contain any essential oils, so it is suitable for all profiles. This soap is suitable for pregnant women as well as the very young. For creative people looking for a washing care product to personalise, the neutral base soap is an excellent way to develop your own creations.

Organic soap with natural ingredients

Our liquid soaps have the same base: organic olive, coconut and castor oil. These qualitative oils give them a softness that cleanse the skin without drying or irritating it, due to the total absence of chemical products and the addition of organic glycerine with emollient and moisturising properties. The essential oils, when present, will bring the olfactory note for the greatest pleasure of our senses.