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For a complete range of natural skin care products adapted to your skin type, we have created custom-made boxes for you. Composed of cold soaps, balms, oils and accessories, they are bursting with moisturizing and softening properties. Natural and organic, they meet the specific needs of your skin while respecting the environment.

Discover the sensory adventures that our cold soaps with their sweet or spicy scents tell you with our “Discovery Boxes“. You can also adopt a complete routine by choosing a set based on the benefits of a particular ingredient. Also offer your face a complete natural care with the box specially designed for the fragile skin of this area.

Concentrated softness and an abundance of scents are at the heart of our organic skincare products that respect nature. To offer or to offer yourself.

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Our boxes

A handcrafted production

Our organic soaps are made with love and in an artisanal way in the heart of the Tarn in our soap factory in the southwest of France.
We use the process of cold saponification to make our beautiful scented soaps. This manufacturing method consists of mixing a fatty substance with soda diluted in water. This results in soaps that are gentle on the skin. This method preserves all the virtues of the oils and natural active ingredients such as Honey, Aloe Arborescens, Goat’s, Sheep’s or Donkey’s milk, clays that we use to make our soaps. Find an assortment of our soaps in our boxes!

Organic care boxes adapted for each type of skin: oily, dry, damaged, fragile, normal, mixed, mature

Our solid soaps with their bright colours contained in these boxes are ecological and economical, so it’s up to you to choose the box you like best (for yourself or as a gift). Eco-friendly? In addition to being made using a traditional process, our soaps do not contain any petrochemicals, which are extremely polluting for the earth and the water. Moreover, they do not contain an excessive amount of water (80%) like a liquid shower gel. Economical ? After production, our soaps are sent for a minimum 8-week drying period in order to ensure that they last longer than a conventional shower gel.
The assortment proposed will allow you to discover a variety of soaps corresponding to your skin profile. Indeed, the discovery boxes are declined by skin type: dry skin and oily skin. Do you have a favourite ingredient: calendula, hemp, lavender? Choose the set you like best from the Lavender box
, which includes the Firming Oil and Douce France soap, an exfoliating soap delicately scented with lavender. The Calendula Boxis made up of a comforting calendula balm for fragile and dry skin and a soft and creamy calendula soap.
We’ve also created sets that are perfect for sharing, such as the Gift Box Her & Him, Him & Him, Her & Her. These three sets are perfect for discovering our oils and testing them in a smaller format. The Her & Her Gift Box is a concentrate of tenderness and softness, you will find our multi-purpose Delicious oil for the body, face and hair which nourishes the skin and hair fibre. As for the Voluptuous oil, specially designed for massage, its Ylang-Ylang scent will delight you.

Organic care sets with natural ingredients

Our basic raw materials such as shea butter, coconut and macadamia oils are carefully selected and must be natural and organic. This allows us to offer you skin care products that respect your skin and the environment.