Our accessories complete our range of products to make them easier to use, more efficient… while trying to increase the pleasure. As far as possible, we propose accessories in accordance with our ethics…

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We offer a whole range of accessories to take care of your skin, to store your soaps, but also for the maintenance of your home.

Home accessories

In our home accessories, you will find our completely biodegradable and compostable soap box that will allow you to carry your soap wherever you go … without letting your toiletry bag dirty. One more gesture for a zero-waste kitchen, think of our vegetable sponge. Perfect for washing your dishes with respect for the environment, this sponge is biodegradable. The scraping side cleans without scratching and the sponge side is absorbent and provides a nice lather for effective cleaning. This sponge therefore lasts longer than an industrial sponge. Machine washable at 30 ° c, this natural sponge is also reusable.

Bathroom accessories

Our soap box will allow you to keep your soap in good condition by avoiding leaving it in a humid place like the shower. This soap box will also allow you to carry your soap wherever you go without leaving traces in your toiletry bag !! An accessory that will conquer you… I mean the soap dish. This is the accessory you need for all your water points. Convenient with its ingenious suction cup and magnetic attachment system, your solid soap is within reach at all times. You can hang it where you need it most in your shower, near your bathtub, near your hand basin or above your sink. No more softened soap damaged by excess humidity. It is a hygienic and playful accessory. It attaches easily, without holes or screws. Indeed, this soap dish has a suction cup system that applies to your tiled surface and a magnet between the suction cup and the part that hangs the soap. Easy and quick to install, it will delight the whole family who will rush to wash their hands. Our konjac sponge gently cleanses your face or body while allowing a pleasant exfoliation for your skin. In addition, it respects the most delicate skin and can be used by fragile skin. The konjac sponge is used as a massage on your skin. It purifies, tones and softens your skin. Your complexion becomes brighter and the pores of the skin are unclogged. We also recommend adding a few drops of moisturizing milk or rubbing your favorite soap on the sponge to create a light lather and perfume your skin.

The components of our accessories

Our soap box is mainly made of lignin and cellulose. These are the main components of the cane bagave. This soap box is completely biodegradable and can be put in the compost. Our konjac sponge is a 100% vegetable sponge and is composed of vegetable fibers from the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. The Konjac sponge is therefore ecological, ultra natural and biodegradable. Konjac is a plant that has the power to absorb up to a hundred times its volume of water. Its root is crushed and powdered. It is then mixed with water, then poured into molds. As for the sponge, its scraping side is made of loofah, a hygienic material with gentle exfoliating properties. The sponge side is made of wood cellulose.